Vivo X5 Pro Mobile Screen, Battery, Replacement in Chennai

Vivo X5 Pro Service in Chennai

Our trained technicians have wide experience and expertise in servicing and troubleshooting Vivo X5 Pro Mobile. Our team of expert technicians provides some of the best Vivo X5 Pro repairs in Tambaram & Egmore. Our experts are able to handle ever hardware or software issue of Vivo X5 Pro quite efficiently. Best part is that Vivo Service Center team is not going to charge you any unreasonable amount, for our wide range of services.

No matter what type of Vivo Mobile repairs you might need, our team is here to help you at all times. Our Services include the following

  • Screen Replacement.
  • Battery Replacement.
  • Charging Port Repair.
  • Speaker/ Mic Repair.
  • Front/ Rear Camera Repair.
  • Water Damage Recovery.
  • Software Update.
  • Power/ Volume Button Repair.
  • Headphone Jack Repair.

Vivo X5 Pro Screen Replacement

Is smashed glass become gloomy the screen of your Vivo X5 Pro phone? Does your Vivo's screen got shattered up, cracked or damaged? No need to worry! You don't have to work with a cracked device. Simply bring your cracked device to one of our service center and we will assess the damage, provide a diagnosis of the problem, and offer you with a repair estimate! Our expert technicians have years of quality experience fixing Vivo mobile screen. Screen replacement time may take arround 60 minutes, we use high standard OEM parts to replace also all our replacements comes with 90 days warranty.

Vivo X5 Pro Battery Replacement

If your Vivo X5 Pro mobile phone is not at all charging, not holding a charge for too long, or dying faster? If your Vivo X5 Pro phone battery seems like got bulged or isn't holding power like it used to, then your battery require replacement service. Is your battery percentage low just a few hours or even minutes after a full charge? This means it's lifetime period is ending and needs to be replaced. Battery replacement may completed within an hour, you can start using your Vivo X5 Pro mobile like it is brand new. We use high standard OEM parts to replace also our battery replacements comes with 90 days warranty.

Vivo X5 Pro Water Lock Recovery

Does your Vivo X5 Pro phone fallen into the water or any other form of liquid, gone through the washing machine or taken a jump into the pool? Water lock recovery service begins with a series of diagnostic tests to ascertain if there is any other issues are involved. Our team of highly experienced Vivo mobile repair professional is always ready to fixing your water damaged phones with affordable price and extreme efficiency in Broken Care. We have relevant machinery to recover your device With a cluster of electronic approach and a help of an ultrasonic bath which will help to recover your device from water lock. We can assure you that we have seen it all!

Vivo X5 Pro Speaker Repair

Is your Vivo X5 Pro phone not charging correctly? Did your dock connectors get splashed by water, act up from physical damage? These problems are because you are having an issue with you dock connector. Charging port repair doesn't take too long, most devices with charging connector dock issues can be repaired within an hour which exclude for those require de-soldering and soldering of the charging port. Sometimes, charging port comes linked audio jack and microphone, in a single unit. We take the Vivo X5 Pro phone apart, replace the dock connector and examine it to ensure everything is working properly. Sometimes cleaning dust or dirt out of the charging port will lead to your charging port working fine.

Vivo X5 Pro Charging Port Repair

The predominant purpose of every Vivo mobile is to make and receive phone calls. Is anything wrong with your Vivo X5 Pro ear speaker during call? If you have issues with hearing the other end while call on your Vivo X5 Pro, then it may need to be your ear speaker repair or replacement service. Replace your Vivo X5 Pro ear speaker from professional repairer in Broken Care with high standard spare and fast service. We fix Vivo phones speaker within 30 minutes of time or less, We are confident in the quality of our repairs, also our replacement service includes a 3 month warranty.